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Simply put, digital marketing gets your name out there by placing your products and services in front of your potential customers in the most proactive way.

Yes. By implementing digital marketing strategies such as SEO and PPC, we can significantly improve your placement in Google search engine rankings. In particular, PPC will ensure that your ads are placed at the top of the search results.

To calculate ROI, simply divide your net profit by the total cost of your campaign and multiply this number by 100.

Digital marketing can take some time to start showing results, particularly if it is a well-constructed campaign. However, once the campaign gets off the ground, you can expect to see consistent growth as the months go by.

At BMS, we offer a range of services to suit the type of campaign you are looking for. We design and implement a custom strategy that allows you to achieve the results you want within your budget.

While PPC will allow you to place your ads at the top of search engine rankings, you pay for each click that you receive. SEO can often be a cheaper yet effective alternative that will gain you organic rankings in search engine results.