Let’s talk about the internet, so literally everyone is on the internet all of the time, it doesn’t matter whether it’s buying things; learning a new skill; watching TV; making friends; we can almost do anything on the internet! 

Having an online presence on the Internet is almost a must if you want to get anywhere and unfortunately social media has become so noisy that it’s become increasingly harder to actually make an impact and stand out online! So how do we get around this? How do we make an even bigger impact than the 2.2 billion people that have Facebook accounts? How do you stand out online? Easy, create a website!

Here are 10 reasons why you need a website to stand out online? (Trust me this is good stuff!)

1)  You can make a lot of money! I make my full living online; and my sister makes her full living online; my best friend makes his full living online! Actually in fact my sister and my best friend are millionaires now because of the websites that they own. You’ll probably hear more about that from others as well and that’s not just a fluke a lot of people are making a lot of money online these days because people do everything online! Shop, eat, learn, work, study, everything is online!

2)  You can be creative! If money isn’t your motivator, that’s just fine, because building a website provides you with a creative space to show off your work and the process of building your website can be really creative to you. You can make animated buttons; you can show off your photography; you can even create color schemes; and so much more! If you don’t have the creative skill set, you can get a web agency to do so for you. You don’t have to know everything in this world. Many a times, just need to pay the right people to do so.

3)  Serves as an amazing resume! Do you want to stand out on your next job? Or find a better one having a website can put you head and shoulders ahead of everyone else! Not only can it display your work in a fun and professional way, but being tech savvy in today’s world really means a lot and creating a website really shows that!

4)  Get a professional email address! I’ve got nothing against my gmail account but your name at your website .com looks a heck of a lot better than your name at gmail.com or yahoo.com! Professionalism can help you in all sorts of ways including getting new clients; all the way to looking good in front of your bank talking about your mortgage number!

5)  Quit your 9-to-5 job if you turn it into an online business! Not happy with your job? Cool neither was I! That’s why I started working online and I never looked back. So you can control your income and your time and a website is the way to start!

6)  Expand your growth on a hobby or a topic! If you have a hobby or a topic that you really like, a website is a way to grow your passion! For that connect with others by writing a blog, posts a document of your experiences; all of it can be done with a website!

7)  Be an influencer! You can help people learn new skills like DIY projects or cooking or automotive skills you can also help people lose weight or become a better gardener or become a better parent the list just goes on.

8)  Work with a team! No man is in an island. This is the same with creating the perfect website for you or your business. The beauty with working with a web agency is that you actually get a team working for you and with you. What you lack, your team can supply. They can even help with not just creating the website but getting you or your business get the online presence you deserve.

9)  No stones unturned. Another thing working with a trustworthy web agency is that after the website project is completed, they get to stay with you making sure you get results from the website they created with you. Things like Search Engine Optimization (SEO) are being looked at to ensure that you will get web traffic which are basically your potential clients.10)   HELP! Don’t worry about what you cannot do or what you lack in terms of skill. I’m going to help you do it right no matter what type of website you want.  If you are reading this right now, we at thebmscompany.com is all about getting you and your business to the next level by giving you the online presence you deserve through our creative team! And we don’t just offer creating you a website or app for your business… We want RESULTS to come along with it!